Number 13 is lucky for some at Windermere restaurant

cedar dining


It might be unlucky for some – but number 13 is going to be lucky indeed for diners at Windermere’s Cedar Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

From next week, every 13th diner booking each night will not have to pay for their meal. The offer will run until Friday June 13th.

The “lucky for some” scheme has been launched by hotel owners Jonathan and Caroline Kaye whose restaurant has won awards for food and service.

“We always enjoy stories of good luck and good fortune that our guests tell us,” said Caroline. “I’m not terribly superstitious myself – but I’m always glad when it gets to midnight on Friday the 13th.”

The restaurant is often the setting for happy occasions as guests and local diners take the opportunity to propose. (And luckily, if he’s forgotten to bring the ring, there’s locally-made designer jewellery for sale in the hotel’s welcome lounge.)

It’s also used by families wanting to mark special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Regular diners, however, head for the signature dishes of head chef Roger Pergl-Wilson who uses local ingredients for modern British dishes.

To see the menu and book a table, see But Caroline warns: “Don’t ask how many have booked already that night. We want it to be a surprise for the 13th visitor!”

The offer doesn’t apply to Saturday nights.


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