Do you know anyone born in 1918, 1938 or 1968?

A photographer searching for 100 special people is just three short of her century.

Glynis Bland is building a portfolio of a hundred portraits of people aged from one to 100 born between 1914 and 2014 for a remarkable exhibition which aims to raise money for three charities. A book of the photos will also be published.

The only missing years now are:

1918, 1938 and 1968.

Anyone born in one of those years who wishes to be part of the project should call Glynis on 07919 201711.

Glynis’s resulting massive photo-montage will be the key feature of a day-long exhibition and charity gala festival at the new luxury hotel and wedding venue, The Villa at Levens, on Sunday September 6.

The event will include live music, a magician, stalls run by supporting businesses, an auction of promises, and a competition to spot a “rogue” photo in the display. The money raised will be donated to three charities – MacMillan cancer relief, the Alder Hey children’s hospital, and Bay Search and Rescue.

Glynis said: “I am really thrilled by the response to this project and that so many people are keen to support these charities.

“People don’t need to provide any biographical details apart from their age, but the exhibition and the book will have one sentence from each answering the question: What could you not live without?”


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