The heat is on – and it stays on, when the power fails

A Cumbrian business has been hailed for keeping the power on across the region during the winter storms.

Draper Generators, whose own property in Kendal was hit by floods, has been thanked by businesses, farmers and hoteliers whose premises were affected by the December deluge.

The company sells back-up diesel-powered and gas-powered generators which start automatically when electricity supplies fail. One hotelier told them: “Your wonderful generator literally saved our bacon.”

Martin Oakley, owner of the Ravenstone Manor hotel at Bassenthwaite Lake near Keswick, said that the Draper generator enabled them to stay open when a fallen tree brought power lines down during the floods.

“Thanks solely to that we were able to keep our guests warm, fed and in the light where others had to send their guests home,” said Mr Oakley.  “We were without mains power for three days and guests were asking me if the power was back on because they were so unaffected by the lack of it.”

ravenstone manor hotel

Ravenstone Manor hotel: the lights stayed on

Mr Oakley, a southerner from Oxford who moved to the Ravenstone Manor last summer, said that having the generator fitted was the first major job he did on moving in. “All the locals told me I would never need it,” he said. “I had the last laugh. It’s a vital piece of equipment for us.”

The tribute was paid to managing director Kevin Draper, who also runs Draper Fire and Security, and is an expert in providing peace of mind as well as state of the art equipment.

“The floods were unprecedented, but we have been planning for severe weather and the possibility of power cuts,” said Mr Draper. “We have businesses whose minds are now at rest because they know that they won’t be affected.”

He highlighted one customer living in a remote area whose disabled wife needed a power supply for her wheelchair, specially-adapted bed, and breathing apparatus. “It is literally a life-saver to have a standby generator for emergencies such as that,” said Mr Draper.

Kevin Draper pic

Kevin Draper: maintaining peace of mind is crucial

“Care homes are particularly vulnerable when there are power cuts; elderly and unwell people need to be kept warm. In another area, a farmer was able to keep his biomass boilers running when the power went off.”

Mr Draper’s company supplies a range of generators costing from £600, and he now imports, supplies, maintains and services a wide range of back-up generators from Asia, UK and also the   American-designed Champion standby generator which runs on LPG or natural gas. He also loaned a generator to flood-stricken Burnside paper manufacturing company, James Cropper PLC after the December floods.

“We can advise clients what would be the best generator for them,” said Mr Draper. “Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and power reserves being at there lowest, so to be without power at the busiest and coldest time of the year can be dangerous as well as disruptive. We want to help provide security and peace of mind.”

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