Web company joins campaign to help the hedgehog

AN artist who protects hedgehogs in her Kendal garden has won a pair of head-torches in a competition – so that she can search for the animals after dark.

Wendy Comert, whose business Wendy Elf specialises in Pyrogrography (wood burning), won the torches in an online competition organised by Kendal e-commerce and web development company SYPO (Sell Your Products Online).

“It was a fun competition on social media which resulted in some fascinating ideas,” said SYPO managing director Alan Jewitt. “We asked where and when people would find the best use for a head-torch, and Wendy’s was the best of many unusual responses.

hedgehog pic

Alan Jewitt presents Wendy with a pair of head-torches

“We also had a woman who said she would use it to ‘look under the Leylandii for our tortoise, where he likes to hide when it’s bedtime’.”

Wendy said that the torches would prove very useful when hedgehog spotting in her garden, adding that she had just ‘soft released’ a hedgehog called Bramble from Kendal College animal rescue centre. She also has a resident hedgehog named Noah because he survived the December floods. “We have webcams all over the garden recording their activity,” she said.

Wendy is a mixed media artist creating finely crafted bespoke gifts including wooden hearts.

SYPO has a team of web and technical specialists who can help design, create, manage and promote online businesses and have been advising companies who were forced to close, many of them losing all their stock, when the storms hit Cumbria at the end of last year. They also sell outdoor equipment.

The prize was presented in the week that Cumbria Wildlife Trust launched a campaign to report sightings of hedgehogs: http://hedgehogs.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/

You can watch Wendy’s videos of Noah and Bramble here:






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