Charterhouse club to host bullet-proof runner workshop

Two of the UK’s leading endurance athletes are bringing a running skills workshop to Surrey.

Paul Tierney and Sarah McCormack will lead the weekend “bullet-proof runner” event at the Charterhouse Club in Godalming in October.

Tierney, a former top flight Irish hurling player, is an ultra mountain runner with a host of successes to his name including the Lakeland 100 mile race. He has twice represented his country at the World Ultra Trail Championships. McCormack is an Irish international cross-country runner, twice winner of the Snowdon fell race, and a member of the medal winning team at the World Mountain Running championships.

paul tierney in action, pic by Steve Ashworth

Tierney is  the UK’s head coach of the Born to Run technique, and he and McCormack will introduce runners of all abilities to the skills involved in running more naturally and efficiently. The sessions are likely to appeal to road and trail runners and triathletes, and they stress that beginners and runners of all abilities will benefit.

The weekend workshop will involve screening for injury susceptibility, video analysis of running technique and how to apply the appropriate drills to address individual issues, learning the best neuromuscular drills to increase elasticity, speed and performance, and how to structure training, lifestyle and diet for maximum recovery and gains in performance.

The Born to Run coaching model was developed by world-leading running technique coach Lee Saxby, after years of studying the biomechanics of natural human populations.  “Born to Run coaching is about reconnecting human beings with their innate running skills,” says Tierney.

“By adjusting the three fundamentals of posture, rhythm and relaxation we can dramatically influence the ‘macro-skill’ of running. We can create a better runner by improving the biomechanics associated with greater efficiency and reduced risk of injury.”

For details of the workshop and how to book, see



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