Artist’s cattle head for Eastern Europe

Kendal artist Thuline de Cock has said goodbye to another couple of Friesian cattle from her “herd”.

Two of the artist’s distinctive canvas prints of cows have been bought by a fan in Hungary – and one of those will be heading over to the USA as a gift.


Thuline’s work is gaining admirers around the globe, and this time the buyer had spotted her work at an exhibition in Scotland, while on holiday from Hungary.

“It’s a very good feeling, to know that my animals are loved around the world, and going to good homes,” said Thuline.

She recently mailed a giant-sized painting of a cow to an art lover in Washington DC.

Originally from Belgium, Thuline has been living in the UK for more than 20 years, and opened her studio and gallery in Kendal three years ago.

Why so many cows? “Cows are funny creatures. Just like humans, they have their own characters. Their faces show expressions and a curiosity that never stop to amaze and fascinate me,” says Thuline. “I observe animals, their shapes, gestures and mannerisms and in developing my ideas, I take them quite often out of their context.”

You can see more of Thuline’s work at


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