Benefits of therapeutic writing – by a novelist

A  South Lakes novelist has written a book for people who would like to discover the joys and benefits of therapeutic writing.

Wendy Storer, who writes fiction for children and young adults, took time out from storytelling to publish In Your Write Mind, for “people who want to learn about themselves and who like writing”.


Described as a “toolbox of therapeutic and creative writing exercises” In Your Write Mind aims to help readers feel happier, think more clearly, be kind to themselves and solve problems.

Wendy presents a series of simple exercises as a starting point to deeper self-knowing, then, she says, “change them, develop them, invent new exercises, or even write a book … and have fun doing it.”

Wendy usually writes fiction for young adults, inspired by real life, and has published two books to date under the Applecore label: Bring Me Sunshine and Where Bluebirds Fly. The first was runner up in the Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition and is set in Kendal, while Bluebirds is based in and around Morecambe.

Wendy, who has worked as a teacher with children and adults and is a trained hypnotherapist, says:  “I’m interested in the human drama, the stories which tug at the heart strings and the amazing resilience of people who battle through desperate situations to come out the other side, happier. I hope my stories will leave readers with a sense of hope and expectation that life can get better, even when the chances look slim.”

Wendy, who lives in Kendal, is currently awaiting publication of her third young people’s novel, Being Lucky, whilst working on a fourth novel, as yet untitled.  Her books are available on Amazon, but can also be bought through her website


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