How to stop your business ideas being stolen

New business start-ups along with established companies need to protect their ideas. Now small and medium businesses in Cumbria are to get a helping hand to safeguard their intellectual property.

A workshop that will highlight the pitfalls and explain procedures will be held at the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa near Windermere next month (March 21). Organised by Cumbria Innovations Platform, the day-long event will show that having the right type of intellectual property protection helps stop people stealing or copying your inventions, products or brands.

Experts will describe the different types of Intellectual Property protection available, such as patents, copyright, trademarks, and design rights. They will explain the processes involved in securing them and the importance of having an IP strategy.

The workshops will be run by experts in the field. Gordon Short is from Entrepreneur Business School Ltd, a private company that delivers guided entrepreneurship training for innovation driven businesses.

Frank Allison from FIS360 Ltd has a record of accomplishments of working with and supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of the commercialisation process.

sarah allison pic

Sarah Allison

Organiser Sarah Allison said: “The workshop is designed for directors and managers from established small and medium businesses as well as entrepreneurs and start-up firms, who will find out more about protecting innovations through IP and other licensing opportunities.

“It’s one of the most important aspects for any business to be fully aware of.”

The businesses must be registered in Cumbria. The event is at the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa on Thursday March 21. Register here:



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