Free help for small business

A project to provide small businesses with graduates and undergraduate interns is under way in Cumbria.

Businesses can apply to have funded assistance for 20 days from under graduates and graduate students with a range of skills, from digital technology to forestry.

The project, organised by Cumbria Innovations Platform, is arranged so that the innovation needs of each small business are supported.

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And there’s flexibility in the project, with students able to work remotely or on campus if it suits the business owner’s needs.

“We have access to a wide range of skills among students who have either graduated or are in their third year in subjects including outdoor studies, science, business studies, creative media and health studies,” said project manager Sarah Allison.

She highlighted as an example Beth, a concept artist with a 2.1 BA (Hons) Games Design who was looking for part-time work before beginning her Masters in September.

“Cumbria has a host of small and micro businesses, with a big emphasis on digital technology and creativity,” said Sarah. “This is a great opportunity for them to access help from people who have the most up to date skills in their particular field”.

Cumbria Innovations Platform is a unique project provided by Lancaster University and University of Cumbria, funded by European Regional Development Funding. It aims to support and encourage innovation in Cumbria by providing micro, small and medium enterprises with a competitive edge, combining the capabilities of various departments from the universities and the provision of bespoke business support.


Anyone interested in taking on an intern should contact





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