The Enthusiasts bringing light to a gloomy world

A Cumbrian business trio is finding an audience across the world for their efforts to brighten the gloom of lockdown.

Neil Bowness, Lisa Joyce and Wayne Singleton are now podcasting on a regular basis under the label The Enthusiasts.

The three, who met a few years ago on a Lancaster University business development course, enthuse about anything…from beards to tinsel to cardboard. And what began as a light-hearted chat session is becoming a global favourite.

“We have listeners as far away as Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, while in the UK the biggest centre for downloads appears to be Blackheath in London,” said Wayne, who runs the Jogging Pals running and coaching scheme.

Lisa Joyce

A presenter with Lake District radio on a weekly basis, Wayne chats on the podcasts with Neil, who runs Plain Creative in Kendal, the print and digital, brand and marketing, strategy and communications specialists, and Lisa, the co- founder and designer at Kidunk children’s outdoor clothing whose creative office is Kendal based.

Wayne Singleton

“We just choose a topic for each episode, and chatter away about it, whether it’s mugs, or stationery, and see where the conversation takes us. It’s a bit like Chinese whispers.”

Feedback so far has been as enthusiastic as the podcasters themselves. “Listeners seem to really appreciate the light-hearted banter,” said Wayne. “It’s a real antidote to the reality of the world at the moment. Subjects can be seemingly inane and dull yet our ramblings seek to find fun and joy in the drabbest of corners.”

Neil Bowness

To listen to any of the episodes, Google The Enthusiasts, or find them on Apple podcasts or Spotify. A new episode is broadcast each Wednesday at 8pm


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