Liz will walk a marathon for charity

An Ambleside woman will set off from home on Saturday (March 20) and walk all the way around Windermere for charity.

Liz Stobbart of Greenbank Road will tackle the 26-mile marathon to raise money for St John’s Hospice, Lancaster.

Gardener Liz and her partner Rob Powley have been training by walking the dog a little further than usual “and getting a few miles from home”.

Liz, a member of the Ambleside Sports organising committee, has never done such a distance before. “Every year when the (Brathay Windermere) marathon is on, I say I would love to do it, and never get on with it,” she said.

“Then I was talking to someone a few weeks ago who had done it on his birthday, so it set me thinking again and I said, right, I will do it.”

Liz chose to do the challenge this weekend while the roads are still quiet, before visitors are allowed back to the Lake District, as the Newby Bridge section of the route can be danerously busy with traffic.

She and Rob will set off from their house heading to Hawkshead, then down to Newby Bridge, and back up via Bowness and Troutbeck Bridge to Ambleside. They reckon the 26 miles will take them around nine or ten hours.

 After deciding to get sponsored for her challenge, Liz chose the St John’s Hospice in Lancaster. “It’s local, and living in such small villages I think we all know someone they have helped, and they need all the support they can get. They get 30% from the NHS and they have to find the other 70% themselves from fundraising. It’s tough.”

She added: “Members of the Ambleside Sports team have been very supportive. We’re all looking forward to being back in action this summer. I love the whole event, helping to set up and take down the equipment.”

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