Time for tea – in the bath

bath tea

Candles lit, lights dimmed, towels warming. Soothing tea in the bath: total relaxation

But not a cup of tea while you lie back and soak your cares away, though. This tea is IN the bath, an infusion that works wonders for your tired body, in the same way that a good cuppa revives the soul and spirit.

The Bath Tea Infusion is part of a range of truly luxurious yet natural products from Bespoke Aroma, the skin-care specialists who know how to pamper.

There are bath teas for hard-working muscles http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/hard-working-bodies-bath-tea-infusion/, teas for dry skin http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/moisture-shot-bath-tea-infusion/ , teas to soothe http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/soothing-bath-tea-infusion/ and teas to lift the spirits http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/uplifting-bath-tea-infusion/. There’s relaxing tea full of scented herbs and flowers, oatmeal and salts http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/relaxing-bath-tea-infusion/, and perhaps best of all, an age-fighting tonic tea with rose and hibiscus petals http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/shop/skin-tonic-bath-tea-infusion/.

All are made with 100% natural ingredients – oils, herbs, spices, flowers, salts and oatmeal – to ensure that relaxing in the bath will pamper your skin, as well as your spirits.

The Bespoke Aroma range of teas, skin creams and oils was created originally by aroma massage therapist Jo Evans, a former spa manager, who learned from her clients what best suited their own personalities – skin, soul and spirit.

So the exclusive, natural products were developed, not by chemists in a lab, but by Jo’s team who know first-hand what works best for clients with dermatological problems, allergies and eczema. The range has also been developed to suit the needs of cancer patients who may have specific skin problems after treatment, as well as those of us who just want to be pampered with the best creams and oils.

The result is a range of luxurious bath and beauty products hand-blended in the beautiful Lake District using natural and organic ingredients.

Alongside the bath teas, there are hand creams to suit the state of your own skin, whether your hands have been working too hard, or just need a tonic. There’s skin tonic facial oil, and pulse point oils made with relaxing bergamot and lavender, or uplifting peppermint and lemongrass. You can also order gift cards, or gift hampers with your own selection.

Bespoke Aroma products are stocked by “bespoke” and select high street outlets, luxury spas, and a few exclusive hotels. See the whole range and order online at http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/

Bespoke Aroma also offer pamper parties for special occasions including massage or facial treatments and a chance to sample the range of beauty products. http://www.bespokearoma.co.uk/pamper-parties/

And a new year resolution? To be in everyone’s top ten femalebloggerrt.blogspot.com for natural beauty.



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