Windermere: prize-winning unusual views

A shepherdess who takes her son to school on the Windermere ferry has won a photo competition with her picture of the “school run”.

Andrea Meanwell’s stunning photo of Windermere from the Glebe, showing a cloud inversion below the snow-capped Fairfield Horseshoe, was judged the best by the Cedar Manor Hotel.

winning pic

Owners Caroline and Jonathan Kaye organised the contest to search for the most unusual view of the lake.

“We wanted to see some shots of Windermere that were a little out of the ordinary,” said Jonathan, whose hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the lake shore.

“We had some wonderful entries from many talented photographers, though not all of them were quite ‘different’ enough. Andrea’s photo is marvellous. It captures so much of the spirit of Windermere, with the buoys and the islands in the foreground, and our magnificent mountains in the distance.”

Andrea, also a writer, who farms in the Rusland valley and has a big following on Twitter as the Rusland Shepherdess, has three sons, the youngest at Windermere School. Her first book A Native Breed: Starting a Lake District Hill Farm was published earlier this year. Her second, In My Boots: A Year on a Lake District Farm, is published this week. She wins a two-night stay at the hotel.

santa summer runner up

Two photos were awarded runner-up prizes. They are Steven Sanderson’s view of the lake from the Claife shore, and  Louise  Drinkald’s novelty shot “Not what I expected on midsummer morning”. (This was taken at Fell Foot in June when the regular parkrun there was celebrating its Christmas event which was cancelled due to bad weather.) They each receive a bottle of wine with dinner at the Cedar Manor.

runner up from claife steven sanderson


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